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On Thursday we will be having an inspection in ICT. Our school is well resourced with computers and peripherals allowing children to become competent users. The inspection will consider the use of all information and communication technology.

Primary 7 spent three very useful and enjoyable days at a residential in the Ulster American Folk Park. They will shortly be communicating their findings to our partner school at Mantua, USA.

This week is Integrated Education Week when each integrated school has a special activity. Our school is presenting a European Week when each class will tell the rest of the school about their chosen country. Primary 5 have already had a period of sampling different types of Italian food. You are welcome to view the displays in the assembly hall.

Parents Council ran a very successful disco for children at mid-term. They have planned a Quiz Night at the Cricket Club on Friday 22nd March - details to follow.

Reminder - The dentist will visit the Nursery and Playgroup children on Wednesday 13th March, parents are not required to attend.

Although I am pleased to see a decline in the number of children who arrive late for school I am now concerned about children who arrive far too early. Some children arrive in the playground at 8.30am or sooner. There is no supervision until 8.45am when children are supposed to arrive. Please ensure your child is not leaving home too early.

I have observed several cases of what amounts to roundabout rage in recent days. If it continues it will only be a matter of time before a child is injured. Children must not be allowed to disembark from cars in an outer lane. For safety reasons children must embark at the kerb. Parents should refrain from leaving their cars to arrange children and their baggage. NO car must be left at the roundabout without a driver in the mornings. BE PATIENT. These simple guidelines should ensure the safety of our children.

Members of staff have found difficulty finding a parking space in the staff car park due to spaces being occupied by parents at 8.45am. If it is necessary to park please use the roadway to the kitchen at this time.

EMU (Education for Mutual Understanding) activities start again as the Foot & Mouth ban has been lifted. Primary 5 will be joining five other schools for activities in Carrickfergus on Wednesday 13th, Friday 15th and Wednesday 20th March. Parent helpers are required on all three days. If you are able to help please inform Mrs Doherty or myself. A separate letter will be issued shortly.

Easter Holidays are from Monday 25th March to Friday 5th April inclusive. School will close on Friday 22nd March at 12.15pm. There will be no school dinners on this day. School re-opens on Monday 8th April at 8.55am.

First Holy Communion will be on Saturday 8th June at 11.00am.

B B Evans,